Printing Rubber Blankets

We manufacture "ACCUAPRINT" brand Rubber Blankets for Rotary & Flat Bed screen printing machines. These blankets are made with the highest quality materials and utmost precision to ensure that they give flawless print.

  • 1.LENGTH: Any length available as per your order.
  • 2.WIDTH: Actual maximum 3.6 metres.
  • 3.CONSTRUCTION: According to type of machine. Normally 7 to 9 ply construction is used.
  • 4.COMPOSITION: Owing to a special process of combining the different plies of our MANIAR blankets, and to the selection of special fabric in these plies, our MANIAR blankets present such dimensional stability that they will track indefinitely without deviation or deformation.
  • 5.FEATURE: Endless blanket.
  • 6.SURFACE: Jet black, absolutely smooth 100% flat, without any variation of level.
  • 7.RESISTANCE : Highly resistant to heat, ageing, oxidation, dilute sulphuric acid, dilute hydrochloric acid, aliphotic hydrocarbons, white spirits with low aromatic contents, mixture of acetone and white spirits.
  • 8.FUNCTION: The revolutionary new MANIAR blanket for Rotary, Flat bed and Roller Printing eliminates back greys, contributes to a sharper, clearer printing job while simultaneously reducing printing costs.

  • Imported PU Blankets for Double Servo Machine

    Apart from manufacturing rubber blankets, we also import PU blankets for Double Servo Machine. These blankets are of superior quality and they cost less than the ones available in the market. We can import blanket of any size as per your requirements.

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    MANIAR RUBBER PVT.LTD.,at the forefront of the Printing revolution, has assisted in modernising and progress of the Indian Textile Industries.

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